What do the yacht charter expenses include?

luxurious yacht on the sea

The modern equipment of each yacht must be checked beforehand, as this is the only way to avoid problems at sea. Yacht rental Croatia is no longer a surprise for holidaymakers. Many of them even go to Croatia exactly for the cruise on the sea and a beautiful coastline, which you can enjoy together with your family. 

Yacht rental and fuel

Fuel consumption depends on the weather, wind power, and last but not least, on you and your desire to sail. And of course, on the distance you cross. The average fuel consumption for yacht rental Croatia varies between five and twelve liters per hour. However, it also depends on your lifestyle on the yacht and the entire crew. 

Fees and control

Sailboat rental Croatia also includes fees related to final yacht cleaning and insurance. If you want to sail and be sure everything works well, then you should take care of the entire yacht. The most important thing is to check the taskbar, switches and navigation aids. The compass and maps will be very helpful, too. In the end, check the functionality of the technical equipment and any deficiencies noticed on the yacht. Yacht rental Croatia includes several fees that you have to pay. The most important thing, however, is to check your yacht properly before sailing. 

Safe cruise

You will enjoy yacht rental Croatia from the very first minute. To make your cruise on the yacht more pleasant, you can spend time with family or friends. However, you should only sail when you are sure that everything works as it should. Verify and note any defects, it will be more convenient for you after returning the yacht. If there are any problems, you can solve them effectively and quickly. If you are convinced that everything works well, you will not be unpleasantly surprised if you are fined after returning the yacht. Yacht rental Croatia also allows you to gain some experience in operating a yacht. You never know when you might find your new hobby and you’ll buy own yacht or catamaran.

Investment to boats

Investing in new boats is currently a very popular form of investment abroad, where the investor physically owns the movable property, leases it and, if not leased, uses the vessel for himself, family and friends. When making such a serious decision, it is advisable to consult professionals such as experts from LuxurySailing.eu.

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